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IAP Fellows Program: Nurturing Future Leaders in Venture Capital

Welcome to the heart of IAP’s commitment to shaping a diverse and dynamic future for the venture capital landscape – The Fellows Program. At IAP, we recognize the transformative power of youth and believe in empowering outstanding university and graduate students from underserved communities. As Roleof Botha, Partner at Sequoia Capital, wisely pointed out, your network is pivotal to success.

Silicon Valley thrives on the convergence of diverse ideas, people, businesses, and strategies. With this ethos, the IAP Fellows Program seeks to open doors and provide access to unparalleled opportunities within Silicon Valley. Our mission is to democratize access to the venture capital ecosystem, fostering a community where driven individuals can become invaluable contributors.

The Fellows Program is a gateway to a world of possibilities. It sponsors summer fellowships in collaboration with leading venture capital firms and institutional limited partners, giving our fellows hands-on experience in the heart of the industry. We believe in investing in the next generation of leaders, and the Fellows Program reflects this commitment.

Think of yourself as the central point of a network. Who are the people you are going to ask to work with you or serve on your board?”– Roleof Botha, Partner, Sequoia Capital

Crucially, the fellowships are made possible, in part, through the management fees of IAP. This financial support underscores our dedication to nurturing talent, breaking down barriers, and creating a more inclusive and vibrant venture capital community.

Join us in our mission to shape the future of venture capital by empowering the leaders of tomorrow through the IAP Fellows Program. Together, we are building a more accessible and diverse Silicon Valley for the benefit of all.